Set your little ones free on an adventure

Set your little ones free on an adventure

Having kids needn’t limit your travelling prospects, says travel blogger Nellie Huang, pictured with her daughter in Iceland. Picture: PA Photo/Nellie Huang

Be brave, says author and adventure junkie Nellie Huang.

It might involve a little more planning and fewer nights dancing on beaches, but having kids needn’t limit your travelling prospects, so says travel blogger Nellie Huang (, author of new kids’ book, Explorers: Amazing Tales of the World’s Greatest Adventures.

She travels the world with her four-year-old daughter, and here shares her top tips for how families can go adventuring and exploring together, without it becoming a logistical and fretful nightmare…

1. Don’t wait to travel, go now!

Many people are hesitant to travel adventurously with their kids for many reasons. ‘We’ll wait until they can remember,’ they say.

But there is so much to gain from bringing your small kids outdoors and getting them to experience new things at a young age. You’ll stimulate their interest in the world, encourage them to appreciate nature and to be open to new cultures and experiences.

My daughter is only four, but I already notice the impact travel has on her.

She is curious, adaptable and independent, and her sense of adventure is growing with each exciting trip we take.

Nellie and her family in the Sahara Desert.Picture: PA Photo/Nellie Huang

2. A family that goes on adventures together, stays together

Having adventures together is a great way to build stronger bonds with kids and create precious memories as a family.

Overcoming fears and pushing your collective comfort zone can bring your family closer.

At home, we are often so caught up with our daily grind we are not truly present. But while on an adventure, you’ll find yourself more focused and attentive, and definitely in higher spirits.

I will always remember the excitement in my daughter’s eyes when she spotted her first giraffe on a wildlife safari in South Africa.

And the time when she stood at the top of a sand dune in the Sahara Desert, and shouted, ‘I’m on top of the world!’ It’s moments like these that are so precious.

3. Adjust your expectations

I’ll be the first to admit that travelling with small kids can be difficult, especially when you’re a new parent.

But with some adjustments and proper planning, it is possible.

Let’s say you’re an avid hiker and love going on trekking trips. You can still go on long-distance hikes with a baby or toddler on a hiking carrier.

But once your kid is three or four, it might be wise to plan short hikes rather than venturing on 10km trails.

For culture vultures who like museums and historical sites, I would recommend picking out just one or two sites to visit on a trip, rather than trying to hit every single one of them.

4. Go slow and let your kids play

Regardless of how old your kids are, it’s best to take things slow when adventuring with kids.

Try not to plan too many activities and give them time to adjust and rest.

Small kids need a certain routine to feel safe and happy.

Routines can take place anywhere, regardless of time zone. For example, you can plan your drives around your kids’ nap time or read their favourite book before bed.

All kids want to do is play, so make sure to give them the time for that.

Play games during game drives or hikes, and stop at playgrounds during long drives.

5. Plan trips involving nature and wildlife

Based on my experience, kids do well on road trips as there are lots of variations every day in terms of experiences and things you see.

My husband and I love road trips too, as it’s a convenient way to get around and explore the back roads.

A destination with plenty of nature and wildlife is always a huge hit with kids.

Children need space to run around, play and have fun – where better than out in nature?

Explorers: Amazing Tales Of The World’s Greatest Adventurers by Nellie Huang, illustrated by Jessamy Hawke.Picture: PA Photo/DK

Explorers: Amazing Tales of the World’s Greatest Adventurers by Nellie Huang, illustrated by Jessamy Hawke is published by DK children, priced £16.99. Available now.

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