Rain Airport – Adventure – Palette Knife|Brush Oil Painting – Travel Plane Sunset Dusan

Rain Airport – Adventure – Palette Knife|Brush Oil Painting – Travel Plane Sunset Dusan

Rainy Airport – Going On An Adventure|Oil on Canvas|10 x 12 inches – 25 x 30 cm|Original Painting by DusanMalobabic
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I’m a daddy of 2 beautiful young boys and am living and working as a painter in Perth, WA. Ever because I can remember I have actually drawn and painted and informed individuals when I mature I wish to be an artist. It began when I was 3 years of ages and doodled throughout Mums, not rather out of reach, phone-pad. Reinforced itself when I finished my Bachelor’s Degree – Fine Art Painting from the Victorian College of the Arts and continues to this day. I generally deal with oil paint on canvas used with scheme knives and brushes. My 2nd preferred mix of mediums being watercolours and ink on heavy paper. The primary styles that I enjoy to paint and check out in my work are being at the beach, strolling through the City, being anywhere while it rains, unwinding at a coffee shop, or enjoying boats on the water. This is generally finished utilizing an Impressionistic method to look, I likewise experiment in a geometric heavy design loaning from cubism. People play a fundamental part in my work and are as essential as the landscape they discover themselves in, this enables me to develop story and instructions for the circulation through the image. In 2006 I started working full-time as anArtist Every time I paint I attempt to much better comprehend why I do what I do and pick the important things that I paint, and endeavour to link to my concepts in a more powerful method. I have actually made every effort to enhance my strategy every day throughout the years and continue to, as I still have a long method to go.

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